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At Direct Drainage Solutions, we offer professional services for sewage pumping stations and sewage treatment plants in Hampshire and Surrey. There are two types of services that we offer, these are categorised as minor and major. Please speak to a member of the team to find out more.


Minor Services

The minor services that we offer include:

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  • Electrical Testing of all Equipment Associated

  • Sludge Density Testing If Required

  • Air Filter Cleaning If Applicable

  • Float Switches Tested, Cleaned, and a Continuity Test

  • Full Condition Report of Equipment

Major Services

Major services we offer includes all the minor services plus:

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  • Diffusers Removal and Cleaned If Applicable

  • Chains Cleaned and Greased

  • Pumps Lifted, Stripped, and Cleaned

  • Impeller/Cutter Tolerances Checked

  • Cooling Oil Checked for Water Ingress and Replaced If Required

  • De-Sludge/Waste Removal If Required

  • Bearings Checked for Wear

  • Final Effluent Samples Taken to Ensure the System Is Running Correctly

If you require any further advice, please speak to our friendly team today. Pump station and sewage treatment plant installations are also available.

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